Why Fresh Branding?

Operating a successful business is challenging. It requires constant attention to the details of staff, vendors and operations. But with all the focus that is required to run a business, you need someone else to assist you in creating and refining your brand, keeping your business fresh and relevant, and navigating the world of digital marketing. That’s where Fresh Branding (FB) comes in.

What We Do

Fresh Branding’s services allow new businesses to successfully and seamlessly engage with their audience while allowing business owners to keep on with the nuts and bolts of the operation. In addition to traditional marketing and advertising, FB takes your brand further, offering assistance with website building, ongoing content development and retail merchandise fulfillment, digital marketing, and more. FB understands that in order to stay current, you have to stay ahead, and that staying ahead means planning ahead. That is exactly why we’re here.

By planning ahead with you our client, FB can build your brand’s presence in the market before the doors are even open; we can make sure you’re ready for what’s coming next long before it actually arrives; we can engage with your audience and create a conversation about your brand to generate excitement even before opening day.

With a professional photographer on staff, FB builds photo assets to use on your website, via your social media outlets and in the press to help generate awareness about your business. Further generating buzz, we help you to create a logo that totally encompasses your brand. You put your heart and soul into your business, so your logo should reflect that! By creating a unique logo and coherent image for your brand, your audience will easily recognize who you are, why you are great, and why they should keep coming back.

Our Services 

Fresh Branding offers a whole host of services designed to turn your business into a recognizable, consumable brand.

  • Brand Development

  • Logo Design

  • Graphic Style Guide

  • Photography and Video

  • Website Design

  • Graphic Design & Print Management

  • Social Media Consulting

  • SEO, Digital and Email Marketing

  • Recipe Development & Testing

  • Retail Merchandise Programs

  • Content Development