Why Fresh Administration?

Opening a restaurant is a huge project. Fresh Admin can help and brings years of experience to the table. We provide smart administrative services, guidance, and support in the restaurant onboarding process so that nothing is overlooked. From licensing to permits, credit applications to financial review, our work is thorough and designed to help you scale.

What We Do

Whether opening your first “brick and mortar” store or beginning a franchising enterprise, we’ll make sure you are ready for what’s to come. Balancing the legal, financial, and administrative aspects of opening your restaurant is our specialty.

We provide a framework for your business to scale. ScaleBiz is our software designed to help new locations open on time. The software houses our 220-item task list, which has been refined, prioritized, and can even be customized to fit your needs. www.scalebiz.net is accessible online 24/7 to get your restaurant On Board On Time.

Our Services 

Fresh Admin offers a whole host of services designed to turn your business into a recognizable, consumable brand.

  • Scalebiz Onboarding Software

  • Administration

  • Credit Applications

  • Payroll Setup

  • Municipality Licensing

  • Liquor Licensing

  • Beer Permit Application

  • Financial ROI and Loan Requests

  • Coaching throughout onboarding process

  • U. S. Trademark guidance